What began as another rainy day in Northwest Ohio, Toledo to be exact, actually turned out to be a gorgeous day. Nineteen former NFL stars, including me, sat patiently awaiting the first pitch to be delivered by Peerless Price. As we all watched by the edge of our seats, Price delivered one of the worst first pitches known to man. The lazy and lethargic pitch sailed low and to the left, and to make matters worse the catcher barely fielded the ground ball. The remaining 18 former NFL players laughed our hearts out and encouraged him to give it another try. To my surprise, Price delivered a much better pitch on his second attempt. The ball was high and wide but at least it wasn't a ground ball. On the bus ride to the game from Bowling Green State University, Price whispered, "Ray, I don't know anything about baseball." Well, by the looks of his pitch, I agree wholeheartedly. My fellow Ohioan couldn't hit a bull in the rear end with a bag of rice, but he sure could catch a football.